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Bythe way, ‘successes’ and‘failures’ are the standard ways of referringto the 1s and0sthatare theoutcomesofacollection of Bernoullitrials.This is so whet he rornot asuccessisreally asuccess! Forinstance, in several examplesinUnit2,weconsideredaBernoulli trialinwhich ‘1’ correspondedtoapersonwho wasnot curedbyamedical treatment, ‘0’ to someonewho wascured;inActivity 3(b), a‘success’ wouldbe‘being obese’. Thesuccess/failure terminologyisjust astandard convenience, ‘success’ beinganame forthe fo cusofwhatisbeing studied;you should alwaysreport outcomesand interpretresultsinlanguage that is meaningful in the context at hand
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