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In Section 1, aBernoulli trialwas definedtobeastatisticalexperiment in whichexactlyone of twopossibleoutcomesoccurs.The outcomesmay be, forinstance, Success–Failure,Yes–No, On–Off or Male–Female. It is usual toidentifyoneofthe outcomes(success) with the number 1and the other (failure) with the number 0. If p is the probabilitythatasingle trial results in asuccess, thenthe outcome of asingle trial is arandomvariable whichhas aBernoulli distribution with parameter p (0

<1).Also, the totalnumberofsuccessesinasequence of n independent trials,eachwith the same probability of success p,isarandomvariable thathas abinomial distribution with parameters n and p,where n is the totalnumberoftrials.

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