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Understanding last-touch attributions is especially useful in optimizing landing pages, fine-tuning email campaigns, or any other content source that helped put the ball over the goal line to convert a prospect into a customer. It’s great bottom-of-the-funnel information.

In contrast, understanding first-touch attribution is extremely useful in improving your top-of-the-funnel marketing efforts. Knowing whether a lead came to your website as the result of an organic search (and for what term) or because they were tipped off to one of your Facebook posts by a colleague will help you concentrate your marketing and it's messaging where it will resonate best.

HubSpot’s Analytics tool is excellent for measuring the overall impact of branding campaigns.

The Attribution Report tool lets you analyze:

  • How the lead first found you
  • What the critical touch points were that led to conversions
  • Which marketing campaigns generated the most sales
  • What actions generated the highest quality leads
  • What to Measure and Analyze
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