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Here are some specific metrics you can use to measure individual aspects of your branding efforts.

  • Determine which keywords, short and/or long-tail, result in the most clickthroughs to your landing pages. If you’re running paid campaigns, these are excellent venues to experiment with new brand elements, such as a new tagline, or a new value proposition, to see if it resonates and drives revenue.
  • See which blog content drives the most comments, social shares, and inbound links. While leads are great, the content that is commented on and shared the most is often an indicator of success.
  • Find out which email content drives the most forwards and reconversions, and to what segment of your list that content goes, so you can better align future email campaigns with other content that elevates your brand.
  • Learn which landing pages result in the highest purchase volumes, and most lucrative average sales per customer.
  • Test which links get the highest click-through rates on different platforms and make sure they’re up to date, regardless of what campaign you’re currently running.
  • Determine the correlation between the number of Likes you generate for your Facebook Page during a given campaign and their sales results for the same time period—or subsequent months, in the case of businesses with long sales cycles.
  • Find the type of social media content which results in the most engagement, and track whether that engagement ever leads to revenue-driving behavior in the future, and at what rate.
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