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The Villain
#marketing #principle-2-internal-and-external-problems #story-brand #the-villain

Start with the root of all the conflict. The most dynamic, interesting characters in any story: the villain. Every Story Needs a Villain. Position your products and services as weapons they can use to defeat a villain.

It doesn’t have to be a person, but should have personified characteristics. Advertisers personify the problems their customers face in order to capture their imagination and give their frustrations a focal point. Think germs in toothpaste ads.

The more you talk about the villain, the more people will want a tool to help them defeat the villain.

Characteristics that make for a good villain:

  1. The villain should be a root source. Frustration is not a villain. High taxes IS a villain.

  2. The villain should be relatable. People should immediately recognize it when spoken of.

  3. One villain and one villain only. Not many.

  4. The villain should be real. Don't make shit up.

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