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StoryBrand Principle Seven: Never assume people understand how your brand can change their lives. Tell them.
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In a good story, the resolution must be clearly defined so the audience knows exactly what to hope for. Once you know how your customers’ lives will change after they engage your brand, you will have plenty of copy to use in your marketing collateral. The success module of your StoryBrand BrandScript should simply be a list of resolutions to your customers’ problems. When we resolve our customers’ internal, external, and philosophical problems, we’ve truly created a resolution that will satisfy their story.

The three dominant ways storytellers end a story is by allowing the hero to:

  1. Win some sort of power or position.
  2. Be unified with somebody or something that makes them whole.
  3. Experience some kind of self-realization that also makes them whole.

Winning Power and Position (The Need for Status)

  1. Offer access. Think Starbucks membership cards. (points and stuff)
  2. Create scarcity. Limited number of something or owning something few do creates status.
  3. Offer a premium. Think 80/20. Identify your 20% of clients and make them "VIP" "Platinum" or some shit.
  4. Offer identity association. Piensa en mercedes. Esta dificil pero es que tu marca los asocie con lujo.

Union that Makes the Hero Whole (The Need for Something External to Create Completeness)

The reason stories end with the union of lovers has little to do with love. Rather, union between male and female fulfills a desire for wholeness. The audience subconsciously experiences the joining of two halves. The subconscious idea is that the man needs to become more like a woman and the woman needs to become more like a man in order to be whole.

It doesn't have to be love necessarily. The controlling idea of this kind of ending is that the character is rescued by somebody or something else that they needed in order for them to be made complete. It’s about being made whole by external provision. A superhero deficient in a particular way could be helped out by another superhero who reenters the story at the end, for example.

Ways to offer external help for customers to become complete or whole:

  1. Reduced anxiety. Will the use of your product lead to the relief of stress and a feeling of completeness?
  2. Reduced Workload. Think "Tools". Customers who don’t have the right tools must work harder because they are, well, incomplete. But what if a tool you offer could give them what they’re missing? "The thing that'll make you superhuman"
  3. More time. For many customers, time is the enemy, and if our product can expand time, we’re offering to solve an external problem that is causing an internal frustration. Not being able to “fit it all in” is often perceived by our customers as a personal deficiency. Any tool, system, philosophy, or even person who can expand time may offer a sense of completeness.

Ultimate Self-Realization or Acceptance (The Need to Reach Our Potential)

Movies like Legally Blonde, The Theory of Everything, and Whiplash are all about heroes who face great odds in their journey to prove themselves. Once proven, the heroes realize an inner peace and can finally accept themselves because they’ve reached their potential. An outward demonstration of worth isn’t always necessary to create this kind of resolution. Heroes can also take an internal journey to come to the same conclusion. When Bridget Jones realized she was too good for the boss with whom she desired a relationship, she came to an ultimate self-realization that returned her to a place of peace and stability. And while it’s true she didn’t close the story loop of uniting with the man she wanted, resolution is brought about as she abandons that goal in exchange for the greater fulfillment of self-acceptance and contentment.

The Dove soap advertising on women being draw by an FBI forensic agent should that. The point: many women don’t realize how beautiful they are.

Ways for a brand to offer a sense of ultimate self-realization and self-acceptance:

  1. Inspiration. If an aspect of your brand can offer or be associated with an inspirational feat, open the floodgates. e.g. HBR, Redbull.
  2. Acceptance.
  3. Trascendence. Invite them to a larger movement. Think FUBU.

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