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Renaming fields with the Qualify statement The Qualify keyword can be used to qualify field names with their corresponding table name, which basically renames the specified fields in the form of tablename. fieldname , thus ensuring no unwanted associations are created. Let's look at our previous example in which we needed to rename the Code and Description fields. We can rename these fields by using the Qualify keyword as follows: Qualify Code, Description; [Origin Airports]: LOAD Code, Description FROM [..\Data Files\QVDs\Airport Descriptions.qvd] (qvd); The above Load statement will result in a table with two fields: Origin Airports. Code and Origin Airports.Description. As you can see, we have specifically entered, as the Qualify statement parameter, the two fields which we want to rename. In some cases, we might need to rename a long list of fields, making it impractical to list them all in a Qualify statement. Luckily, the Qualify statement allows the use of wildcard characters in the fieldlist parameter. For example, we can use a star symbol to specify that all subsequently loaded fields should be qualified. We can also combine the star symbol with a string or with a question mark symbol (another wildcard character) to specify that a set of fields that match a given criteria are to be qualified. For instance: • Qualify Code, Description;: This command will only qualify fields named Code or Description • Qualify "*ID";: This command will qualify all fields whose name ends with ID • Qualify *;: This command will qualify all fields that are loaded from that point forward
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