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Sometimes, the Qualify feature is required to be activated for only part of the script but then should be turned off after loading certain tables. To do that, we can simply use the Unqualify statement, specifying the field names in the same way as described previously. In some cases, we are required to turn on qualification for all fields except one or two (for example, the key fields). To accomplish that, the Qualify and Unqualify instructions can be used in conjunction, like in the following example: Qualify *; Unqualify Key_Field1, Key_Field2; The above combination of instructions will cause all fields loaded from that point forward to be qualified with their corresponding table name, except the fields named Key_Field1 and Key_Field2. This is useful when we want to ensure key fields are not affected by the Qualify instruction. Remember that a Qualify instruction can be turned off at any point in the script with a corresponding Unqualify statement
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