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Those provisions of the Constitution which are related to the federal structure of the polity can be amended by a special majority of the Parliament and also with the consent of half of the state legislatures by a simple majority. If one or some or all the remaining states take no action on the bill, it does not matter; the moment half of the states give their consent, the formality is completed. There is no time limit within which the states should give their consent to the bill. The following provisions can be amended in this way: 1. Election of the President and its manner. 2. Extent of the executive power of the Union and the states. 3. Supreme Court and high courts. 4. Distribution of legislative powers between the Union and the states. 5. Any of the lists in the Seventh Schedule. 6. Representation of states in Parliament. 7. Power of Parliament to amend the Constitution and its procedure (Article 368 itself).
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