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Damasio about Elliot: "I never saw a tinge of emotion in my many hours of conversation with him: no sadness, no impatience, and no frustration with my incessant and repetitious questioning."

Elliot could not finish a task like sorting documents, he could read a single document for hours.

This led Damasio to suggest that "reduced emotion and feeling might play a role in Elliot's decision-making failures." However, I'm inclined to turn that around to suggest that it was Elliot's new inability to make such deci- sions that reduced his range of emotions and feelings. For perhaps what got damaged in Elliot's brain were mainly the Critics (or their output connec- tions) that formerly set off the processes that we recognize as emotional states. For now he has lost those precious cascades—and, hence, the emo- tions that he once displayed—because he no longer can use those Critics to choose which emotional states to use.

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