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although we find it hard to speak about the character of any particular, single, sensation, we find it far easier to compare or contrast two different but similar kinds of sensations. For example, one can say that sunlight is brighter than candlelight, or that pink lies in between red and white, or that a touch on your cheek is somewhere between your ear and your chin.

However, this says nothing about how each separate sensation "feels." It's like describing the distance between two towns on a map, while say- ing nothing about those individual towns. Similarly, if I were to ask what the color red means to you, you might first say that it makes you think of a rose, which then reminds you of being in love—and then you'll find yourself relating this to other kinds of sensations and feelings; red might also remind you of blood, and make you feel some sense of dread or fear. Similarly, green might make one think about pastoral scenes and blue might suggest the sky or the sea. Thus, a seemingly simple stimulus can lead to many other kinds of mental events, such as these other feelings and reminiscences.

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