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in a language, when we have learned a meaning for a word, we then make new statements based on the meaning of the word. In a sense the meaning becomes active, since it brings into being a new rule for creating sentences. This means that our command of language is not like a finished product: the rules for making sentences increase when we learn new meanings. On the other hand, in a formal system, the theorems are predefined, by the rules of production. We can choose "meanings" based on an isomorphism (if we can find one) between theorems and true statements. But this does not give us the license to go out and add new theorems to the established theorems. That is what the Requirement of Formality
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  • owner: piotr.wasik - (no access) - Douglas Hofstadter "Goedel, Escher, Bach", p52
  • owner: naraypv - (no access) - Gödel, Escher, Bach_ An Eternal Golden Braid-Basic Books (1994).pdf, p60


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