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We use the word "all" in a few wayswhich are defined by the thought processes of reasoning. That is, there are rules which our usage of "all" obeys. We may be unconscious of them, and tend to claim we operate on the basis of the meaning of the word; but that, after all, is only a circumlocu tion for saying that we are guided by rules which we never make explicit. We have used words all our lives in certain patterns, and instead of calling the patterns "rules", we attribute the courses of our thought processes to the "meanings" of words. That discovery was a crucial recognition in the long path towards the formalization of number theory
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  • owner: piotr.wasik - (no access) - Douglas Hofstadter "Goedel, Escher, Bach", p60
  • owner: naraypv - (no access) - Gödel, Escher, Bach_ An Eternal Golden Braid-Basic Books (1994).pdf, p68


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