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Other signs of advanced liver disease include umbilical hernia from ascites, hydrothorax, prominent veins over the abdomen, and caput medusa, a condition that consists of collateral veins radiating from the umbilicus and results from recanulation of the umbilical vein. Widened pulse pressure and signs of a hyperdynamic circulation can occur in patients with cirrhosis as a result of fluid and sodium retention, increased cardiac output, and reduced peripheral resistance. Patients with long-standing cirrhosis and portal hypertension are prone to develop the hepatopulmonary syndrome, which is defined by the triad of liver disease, hypoxemia, and pulmonary arteriovenous shunting. The hepatopulmonary syndrome is characterized by platypnea and orthodeoxia: shortness of breath and oxygen desaturation that occur paradoxically upon the assumption of an upright position. Measure- ment of oxygen saturation by pulse oximetry is a reliable screening test for hepatopulmonary syndrome
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