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Annotations Directy in Browser Tabs - Browsing Privacy

  1. When Annotations Directly in Browser Tabs is disabled, no browsing information is sent to Buboflash server. The browser action icon is crossed: .
  2. When Annotations Directly in Browser Tabs is enabled (the browser action icon is not crossed: ), the following data is transmitted to Buboflash server:
    1. Every URL you open is sent to Buboflash server and it checks if a page with this URL is annotated already and if it has tags.
      1. If it is annotated or it has tags, annotations and tags are sent from the server to the browser (the server does not need see the content of the page).
    2. if you create an annotation on a website, the content of your tab is sent to Buboflash to associate your annotation with it.
  3. As a consequence of the points above, you are safe if even you open a page with sensitive information (e.g. your bank account) with Buboflash Chrome Web Extension enabled, as all the Buboflash server will receive will be the URL, not actual page content - even if somebody mailiciously adds an annotation to a page with this URL - don't panic.
  4. Annotations settings in Chrome Web Extensions are stored in the browser itself, not on Buboflash server in your account, meaning you can have the plugin enabled in one browser and disabled in another.
  5. I suggest you do not enable install and Buboflash Chrome Web Extension at work - it is almost certainly against corporate policy to send URLs you browse to external servers, you may risk buboflash.eu being blocked by corporate firewall admin. If you want to learn something at work, I suggest you do it directly in buboflash.eu website, not in Chrome Web Extension.