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[imagelink] DEC FEB MAY [imagelink] 12 [imagelink] 2004 2006 2007 31 captures 25 Sep 2004 - 13 Sep 2017 About this capture [imagelink][imagelink][imagelink][imagelink][imagelink][imagelink][imagelink][imagelink] [imagelink][imagelink][imagelink] [ List of Topics | Unanswered Questions | New Responses | RSS feed | Search ] Topic Thinking and Paper . -- Edward Tufte, March 19, 2002 An intriguing essay "The Social Life of Paper" in this week's New Yorker (March 25, 2002, electronic issue not posted yet) by Malcolm Gladwell describes how "knowledge workers"--in particular air-traffic controllers and I.M.F economists use paper, lots of it, for organizing and acting on complex information. In the last 10 years, every country in the western world has increased its per capita use of paper. For