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In regular expressions, using grep, search for all lines that begin with the word "The", in file test.txt
grep '^The' test.txt
^^ note the use of "^", also accaptable is: grep ' *^The' test.txt, this is to cover leading whitespace

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5. Regular Expressions
and sometimes you would like to match a line that begins or ends with a certain string. The ^ character specifies the beginning of a line, and the $ character the end of the line. For example, <span>^The matches all lines that start with a The , and hack$ matches all lines that end with hack , and '^ *The.*hack *$' matches all lines that begin with The and end with hack , even if there

extensible ɪkˈstɛnsɪb(ə)l , ɛkˈstɛnsɪb(ə)l / adjective adjective: extensible
  1. able to be extended; extendable. "an extensible architecture designed to accommodate change
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