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En términos grales, ¿qué habría que hacer en el componente de Definición de Dominio y declaraciones (claims statements)?
  1. Nombrar y definir el dominio a medir.
  2. Entregar una declaración clara de las afirmaciones a hacer sobre los KSAs del examinado.

[Name and define the domain to be measured. Provide a clear statement of the claims to be made about examinee knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs).]

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while he speaks in economic jargon, his prime minister pronounces populism
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in the cabinet were always a given. The ‘financial wizard’, with his corporate experience, was to pull the country out of its economic disaster and bring it back from the brink of doom. Except, <span>while he speaks in economic jargon, his prime minister pronounces populism. Cars are being auctioned, buffaloes are on sale and official mansions are snubbed. He seems to realise the questionable utility of these steps for he has not spoken of or partaken in s