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In linux, execute the interactive command top on remote host new-jenkins-1 (assuming access to new-jenkins-1 is properly configured in ssh config file)
ssh -t new-jenkins-1 'top'
^^ note the use of single quotes to enclose the top command in
^^ note the use of the -t flag to indicate the top command requires interaction from user

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Send Remote Commands Via SSH — Malcontent Comics Incorporated Presents:
nds: ssh systemsboy@rhost.systemsboy.edu 'ls -l; ps -aux; whoami' wherein each command is separated by a semicolon. Finally, here is an example sending a command that requires user interaction: <span>ssh -t systemsboy@rhost.systemsboy.edu 'top' Note the -t flag. That tells ssh that you'll be interacting with remote shell. Without the -t flag top will return results after which ssh will log