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on 14-Jan-2019 (Mon)

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How to blog in Buboflash
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I think Buboflash has everything that is needed to use it as a blogging machine: WYSIWG editing, images, versioning and access control. You can publish an article in these steps: Prepare search Start searching for articles: Only from specific user: your-username. It will not work for "myself" because "myself" always means current user, and if you share your search with a friend, he or she will run the search for their articles, not yours. Order showing newest first, it makes sense for blogging. Only with tags: "blog" Save this search under name "blog". You will see that in saved search for articles list (icon [≡] in the homepage) Assign a Public URL to your search, so it will be available under a name of your choice, e.g. https://buboflash.eu/public-urls/<your-username>/blog. This is the URL you can give to friends. In my case it is https://buboflash.eu/public-urls/piotr.wasik/blog. To assign a Public URL: Open your saved search in one browser tab Find "Public URL" in your homepage, open it